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What They Say

"A performance that fans of the Blue Note Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter sides should appreciate."
-Ron Weinstock, Jazz and Blues issue 323, review of the album Roundtrip.

"Alex is a very gifted and expressive saxophonist. He's shown in performance a very strong developing conception as a composer and a soloist"
– Joe Lovano

"Alex is a very impressive saxophonist and composer who has organized some beautiful and exciting music with wonderful contributions by notable young players active on the New York scene these days. Terrier has a compelling sound and approach that should interest the serious listener"
– Dave Liebman

"Certainly a young lion to add to your play list, he plays nu mainstream with a surety that comes with having nothing to prove and just letting the blowing flow."
- CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher ©2009 Midwest Record

"An energetic saxophonist, Alex Terrier creates in his compositions a world that is striking and personal"
- Jerome Sabbagh

"A bright new talent"
Jeff Dayton-Johnson, All About Jazz

"Alex Terrier exhibits many of the same qualities associated with George Garzone: a compelling logic in the construction of his long solos accompanied by a ready recourse to the outer reaches of the vocabulary that both players have inherited from Coltrane."
Jeff Dayton-Johnson, All About Jazz

"Alex Terrier can play all the saxophones, but his soprano is one of the more poetic and naturally sounding expressions heard out of that horn in a long while. Terrier's sax sings with the articulation and cadence of a mockingbird, using the instrument as an extension of purely human expression"
S. Victor Aaron,

"A first-rate composer"
Bill Mikowski, JazzTimes