My 5 favorite clubs in the world

I'd like to give a shout out to some clubs. Not because they are the biggest, or the most famous, but because they actually genuinely share the same passion for out music as I do.
Too often I, and I can safely assume most of the jazz musicians, have to deal with club owners who don't value the music at all. They only care about the $$$. But they do that in such an inefficient manner, and I am not going to mention how rude they can be, I am not surprised to see Jazz clubs closing one after the other. It's not that people don't like Jazz, it's not even that the industry is disappearing, it's because they aren't good businessmen. That's that simple. This is not the purpose of this blog so I will stop here, but it was a necessary parenthesis to explain why I feel the need (it shouldn't be so) to express my gratitude to certain people. The purpose of this post is to celebrate the clubs and their manager who care about the music and run their business successfully without insulting the musicians and the public. Simply put, they are doing their job right.

1. JAZZATLAN, Mexico

Jazzatlan has a special place in my heart because it's in Mexico and I love this country. This club is located in Cholula and is owned by Rodrigo Moctezum. Rodrigo genuinely loves Jazz and appreciate the music and each time I went there I felt he did his best to ensure the band felt welcome. I mean a simple and genuine "hello guys, welcome to our club" is rare, so when the guy gives you a hug, make sure you have a hotel room, dinner etc.. it's a 5-star club! Rodrigo prints out posters for the shows and they are wicked cool posters.

Don't we look happy to be there?

You can meet some interesting people around the club!

2. Koko Jazz Club, Finland

Timo Hirvonen and his wife Anna Veijalainen brought me and bassist Rob Duguay to play in their club in Helsinki. They are both musicians and they do their absolute best to welcome the musicians. They have a beautiful theater with a beautiful Steinway grand piano. Timo invited us to their home and we had a great time playing music in their living room and spending some quality time in their sauna after breakfast! Thanks again Timo and Ann!


3. La Fabrica'son, France
This club in Malakoff (south suburbs of Paris) is run by musicians. They are all volunteers, treat the musicians well and pay them well! 


4. New Morning, France

This is a legendary club in Paris, a family business with a team of people who really appreciate the music. Catherine Farhi gave me the honor to play there twice, once with my European Quintet and once with my Afro-Cuban Project. Both nights were two of the best concerts of my career.

Alex Terrier European Quintet: Pierre De Bethmann, Mauro Gargano, Alex Terrier, Louis Moutin, Manu Codjia


Alex Terrier Afro-Cuban Project: Leo Montana, Felipe Cabrera, Alex Terrier, Joel Hierrezuelo, Lukmil Perez

5. Jazz Standard, New York City

Probably my favorite club in the city, the perfect balance between a cool place but with a public of connoisseurs. Although I have not had the pleasure to lead my own band there (hopefully someday), I have the honor to perform regularly with the Mingus Big Band.

Alex Terrier with the Mingus Big Band


Alex Terrier and Alex Foster celebrating Christmas at the Jazz Standard


Alex Terrier with Sue Mingus


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