Mexico 2017 



Day 1:

One more time I get to go to Mexico and I love it. It's always a great pleasure to see my friends here and play music. I took the plane on Thursday morning and arrived for lunch with my friend Ana who took me to a nice restaurant:


As always when I come to…

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Juan Andres Ospina Big Band Recording 

We recorded the challenging yet beautiful music of Juan Andres Ospina in New York on January 6, 7 and 8. Here is a clip from the studio:

Moments of 2016: the best ones, the funny ones, and the shitty one 

I’m visiting my family for the holidays in the south of France, I did my last gig last weekend in New York, and my next concert is on January 3, 2017 with Leïla Olivesi. I can look back at 2016 and reflect on the good and bad moments. Actually I didn't have too many bad moments, so I'll mention some of the best ones, some of the funny ones and one shitty gig in Germany. 

World Citizen Band, Ecuador

Recently I went on tour in Ecuador with the World Citizen Band. We did a concert at Teatro Variedades in…

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World Citizen Band - Ecuador, 2016 

I got back yesterday night from what was probably one of the most fun tour I did. We were in Ecuador with the World Citizen Band for a series of concerts and 2 days of teaching at the Universidad De Las Americas.

I flew on Monday November 21st to Panama City, a two-hour layover to which we added 2 hours waiting on the plane because of bad weather. I landed in Quito at 1am and finally arrived at the hotel at 3am. 

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Germany - September 2016 

Friday September 2, 2016

Here we go, off to Germany. Last time I went to Berlin was in January (2010 I think), and it was freezing like crazy. The weather should be friendlier this time.
We were supposed to have a concert in Paris tonight, at Le Duc Des Lombards, but you know it's hard sometimes for the clubs to keep track of who they book, so yeah, they double-booked and we got screwed...

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Equipment is no more than 10% responsible of your sound. You are 90% of it, if not more. I will sound very similar if I take your set-up. It will be different of course, but the sound is produced by ME, not the gear. The gear is a detail. A very important one though. All that to say that you should not expect the gear to make you sound good but only to help you express it.
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Books on creativity 

This is following up the blog with a selection of my favorite documentaries on creativity

I love reading books, I think it’s probably the single greatest thing that happened to humanity. Today we are overwhelmed by the amount of information and books are part of this ocean. It can be difficult to find the good ones among the not so good ones or the complete crappy ones. 
Here is a list of suggested readings (I put the Amazon links to the English versions, I imagine you could find these books in different…

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Discussion with Stan Harrison 

This video was a live stream discussion with Stan Harrison who I met through a common friend, bassist Louis De Mieulle. Stan is a saxophonist and composer (I believe he also plays the clarinet and flute) and he also produces music for television. The first time he tried to play the saxophone he placed his mouthpiece upside down but quickly figured out the do and don't and has since then shared the stage with some of the major artists such as Bruce Sprinsteen, Southside Johnny, Diana Ross, Serge Gainsbourg,

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