My 5 favorite clubs in the world

I'd like to give a shout out to some clubs. Not because they are the biggest, or the most famous, but because they actually genuinely share the same passion for out music as I do.
Too often I, and I…

Interview Franck Amsallem


Click HERE to watch the Master Class of the man who has memorized over 2000 standards!

    A superior pianist, Franck Amsallem has also had a parallel and sometimes overlapping career as an arranger/composer and singer. With nine CDs under …

Herbie Hancock, Possibilities

I just finished Herbie Hancock's memoir, a must read to anyone remotely interested in Jazz. Easy to read and really interesting, I learned so much about Herbie. You can find the book on Amazon.

I would like…

European Tour With Rob Duguay

It is one thing to study music and another to live the musician's life. Next week I will start a month-long tour with my good friend the bassist Rob Duguay. I hope that we will still be friends after spending…

My thoughts on the movie Whiplash

The movie Whiplash has had almost every jazz musicians but me to share deep thoughts and philosophical concerns about Jazz and teaching music. So I thought it was my duty as an artist to write my own essay about this…

Miami 2014

It's a pleasure to come back to Miami and play with some old friends. I was home for only 2 days since my last trip but the weather was so bad in New York that it was not so hard…

Recommended Albums

A friend of mine asked me to suggest some albums to educate her since her knowledge of Jazz was in her own words "zero". I decided to post one album per month as a suggestion.

January 2015:

"What a wonderful

Marianne Solivan, Spark, 2014

Note: this was first published on
Available on Amazon
Available on Itunes 

Maranne Solivan: voice
Xavier Davis: piano
Matthew Parrish: bass
Gregory Hutchinson: drums

Le nouvel album Spark de la chanteuse Marianne Solivan est une réussite comme elle nous…

Stéphane Spira, "In Between"

Note: this was first published on “In Between”, Stéphane Spira, Jazzmax, 2014
Stéphane Spira: Saxophones, Compositions
Glenn Ferris: Trombone
Steve Wood: Contrebass
Jonathan Blake: Drums

Album disponible sur Itunes et Amazon


“Truffaud rencontre Woody Allen”, un vers du poême…

John Ellis, "Mobro"

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“Mobro”, John Ellis, Parade Light Records, sortie 13 Mai 2014
Becca Stevens, Miles Griffith, Sachal Vasandani and Johnaye Kendrick on vocals
John Ellis on tenor and soprano saxophones
Alan Ferber and Josh Roseman…

Pete Robbins, "Pyramid"

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Pyramid, Pete Robbins, Hate Laugh Music, sortie le 28 Janvier 2013.

Pete Robbins: Saxophone Alto, Clarinette, Compositions
Vijay Iyer: Piano
Eivind Opsvik: Contrebasse
Tyshawn Sorey: Batterie

Album disponible sur Itunes