Mexico 2017


Day 1:

One more time I get to go to Mexico and I love it. It's always a great pleasure to see my friends here and play music. I took the plane on Thursday morning and arrived for lunch with my friend Ana who took me to a nice restaurant:


As always when I come to Mexico, I had a headache because of the altitude but I wanted to go see my friend Armando Cruz who was playing with his band at Mercado Roma. I went there with my friend Sofia Zumbado, and my friend who is a pilot was in town so he joined us as well.

After that concert I went to Casa Franca to see the trio of drummer Jorge Fernadez. This morning I could practice a couple hours and then I went to have lunch at the market and walked in the neighborhood where I am staying, Coyoacan.

Day 2:

This afternoon I'm doing some emails and preparing some classes. Tonight I will be playing with the band of Armando Cruz.



Day 3:

I'm teaching all day this Saturday. I love sharing my knowledge with motivated young and less young students! And it's a pleasure to meet in person some members of

In this photo you can see my roommate the cat, the Coyoacan market, the square in Coyoacan at night, lunch at the market, late night drinks with friends and a good example of Mexico traffic jam!

Day 4:

I could practice a couple hours this morning. After my lunch at the market I went to visit the house of Leon Trotsky who lived in Mexico and was assassinated in his house.

Day 5

No teaching, no concert. I went for a run this morning in the parc and had a good laugh at the very approximate French translation to connect to the wifi. I wanted to go visit El Castillo de Chapultepec but it's closed on Monday so I'll try another day. I got to find out my touristy activities for this afternoon!


So I found what to do this afternoon, visit the Soumaya Museum. There is an aquarium you can visit across the street, they will sell you the ticket for the aquarium and tell you it's good for the museum as well, but it's a private museum and it is free, so don't get scammed!


Day 6

Sharing some knowledge again today. After a day of teaching I went to see my friends playing at the university as part of the Saxophone Festival. 


That night I played at Parker & Lenox with the fantastic pianist Alex Mercado. This place is really nice and the audience was very attentive. I had a great time playing there.

Day 7

In the morning I had a lesson with two friends, trumpetist Olson and guitarist Djuvens, whom I have known for a few years now. It's great to see them grow and develop as musicians.

Then I went to the UNAM to be a jury for the Saxophone Competition. Always tough to decide who must get the prize!

Alex Terrier, Diego Maroto, Israel Cupich, Alan Villanueva (2nd Prize), Jahaziel Arrocha (1st Prize),  Tacher Huerta (3rd Prize), Gabriel Puentes, ???, Cristian Mendoza

The saxophone brand Buffet Crampon, which I work with, was on site to present their instruments to the students:

Then at night I played at Septimo with the Armando Cruz Quartet:


Day 8

I gave a class at the UNAM in the morning, and anyone interested in learning with me can visit my website for more information.

That night I played with Armando Cruz at Fronton in Coyoacan. That was a good night of music and party!


Day 9

Teaching again during the day and concert at night with pianist Alex Mercado at the UNAM, here are some photos:



Day 10

Time to leave Mexico and spend 2 days off in Yucatan :)

Going back to New York for one week and then I'll be on my way to Japan! If you would like to stay informed about my tour dates, leave your name and email:

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