Germany - September 2016

Friday September 2, 2016

Here we go, off to Germany. Last time I went to Berlin was in January (2010 I think), and it was freezing like crazy. The weather should be friendlier this time.
We were supposed to have a concert in Paris tonight, at Le Duc Des Lombards, but you know it's hard sometimes for the clubs to keep track of who they book, so yeah, they double-booked and we got screwed...

So I got my ticket to Berlin to arrive at 8pm on Friday, since the first gig was tomorrow, but the Grand Master Ramiro Olaciregui got us a gig tonight at 9pm, so I hope I can make it in time! Check out the calendar if you're in Berlin and come say hi. 

The trip started with a crowded bus to go to the airport :(

I am now at the airport. I got a ticket on Easy Jet. Now, I know it can be a hassle to travel with an instrument on planes, specially with low cost airlines. Since I literally have to jump from the plane into a cab to go to the gig, I thought maybe I should buy an upgrade to get my two items onboard. What a pleasant surprise when the person who checked me saw I had a musical instrument and told me I could just keep both items!

So now I do some free advertising for Easy Jet because that is such a big relief to have a musician friendly policy!

Sitting at a table with my espresso and typing these words, security announcements are being broadcasted in loop. With armed soldiers walking around. Paris in 2016, good job...

The plane was pretty late but since I could keep both items with me I jumped off the plane and got in a cab and arrived at the club 5 minutes before the downbeat. Good thing I practiced a little bit on the plane!

Saturday September 3

I could take a walk in my neighborhood along the canal. I've noticed a few things about berliners:
- they like to drink beer at any time and anywhere (street, trains etc...)
- they like tattoos a lot
- it seems there is as many Americans living in Berlin as French living in NYC
- Berliners love biking

At night we play at this club called Zig Zag. The house was packed and the band played really well. The place is nice and the staff very friendly but the deal for the band is questionable...

Sunday September 3

Früshtück in Berlin ;)

Tonight we are playing a house concert, check out the calendar for details.

Monday September 4

I spent the day walking around, visited Tiegarten Park, the Reichstag, the Wall Memorial and finally arrived at the B Flat jazz club for our hit.
Here are some remains of the wall. When I think that an American candidate for the White House has the idea of building a wall as his main idea, I'm reminded that repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome means you're crazy or stupid (could be both too).

We had a great time playing that night, the band was really hot, it's so great to play with the same band several nights in a row and get to really explore the music.


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